Learn more about experiences and projects I'm involved in. I founded and cofounded several actions and events : Festival du Film Merveilleux, cannes digital, Pixels In Wonderland, Kaleidoscope Merveilleux and Movies around the world. Today i'm also working as a tracking manager for Peermusic France.

Pixels wonderland

With Pixels in Wonderland, I help my clients with their communication ( personal branding ) and bring to life their project.

Festival du Film Merveilleux

I'm founder and director of the Festival du film merveilleux. A festival about wonder and imagination.

Cannes Digital

It is a series of events during Cannes Film Festival In France. We bring tech love to Cannes film festival and build bring between tech and movies world

Movies around the world

Movies Around the World travel to offer public to the see movies and tech demonstrations from the best Digital experts.


Adventurous games and workshops to inspires kids to enjoy sciences, tech, and to grow ecological awareness.


Since 2016, I'm a Tracking manager. I started at Peermusic as a junior account in 2010.


Multidisciplinary, curious of the world, I am an event and communication strategist focusing in innovative learning, creative industry and the tech world. I am the founder and director of the Festival du film merveilleux de Paris and Cannes digital.

With my nonprofit, I co-lead an international team since 2007. I am leading several networking events, panels, workshops, mentoring programs ( Kaleidoscope Merveilleux ) and have been organizing numerous screenings and special startups tech presentations events at Google Campus London and Cannes ( Movies & Tech around the world ).

Prior to Festival du Film Merveilleux, and after graduating from Film school, I worked for several movies companies and public organizations ( Journal officiel ) and have been living in London.

Beside being an events organizer, I help creative professionals with their business events strategies and communication. I am a keen enthusiast of the potential the world of tech can bring to a business’ growth. I have been a representative for Dyslexia International at UNESCO from 2014 until 2017. Today, I am also involved as a Tracking Manager for Peermusic France

Recently, I founded services for professionals and students to support them master their communication and bring to life their projects.

Myself dyslexic, I am a spokeswoman for the change of perception about dyslexia, atypical minds, support of neurodiversity and a better education for all.

Bénédicte Beaugeois

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